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Sunday, 26 May 2013


CNBlue concert ground sale ended well with your interest. Now, you will be notified about the upcoming online sale ticket details which will be on 30th May. 

Moon Zone - Sold Out
VVIP A & B - Available
VVIP C,D,E & F - Sold Out
VIP A & B - Sold Out
ROYAL (A ~ H) - Available
SPECIAL A & B - Available
Zone A-1 & A-2 - Sold Out
Zone B (1~6) - Available 

We tried to leave Moon Zone for the delayed online sale, but the zeal of those people at the ground sale, and a lot of people wanted to purchase Moon Zone so we couldn’t leave Moon Zone for online sale and it has sold out. We understand how you feel if you were wishing to buy Moon Zone, and instead of Moon Zone which we couldn’t leave at least, we sharply have closed VVIP A and B. You are still able to buy the tickets for other zones where haven’t sold out yet from online and outlet. We hop you give us support. 

Online Sale : 30th of May 2013, Starts at 9:00AM
Outlet Sale : 30th of May 2013, Starts at 10:00AM

We apologize to online buyers once more, and we would be appreciated if you could understand that we are trying our best to provide you better condition in our situation. We promise the advanced management next time through your opinion.

Thank you.

-DAOL Entertainment

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